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ALMOST-FREE (10 Mb space for $0.00 per month)
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  E-BIZ (3 Gb space for only $43.10 per month**)
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Looking For A Cheap Website As Well?

On FergusWebsites.com you will find websites starting at only $479.88 per year - and that includes a .com or .ca domain name and website hosting (a $160 value)! If you wish you can add a Content Management System to your site, or a Webshop, or flash animations. Check out FergusWebsites.com for more information.

Don't Know What To Put On Your Pages?

U-C WEBS can help you with:

  • copywriting
  • editing
  • translations
  • photos
  • and everything else that you need

Don't Want a Template?

U-C WEBS can help you with a custom-developed website, webshop or Intranet. We use the skills of a number of associated professionals, so we can definitely create something that suits YOU! Send us an email for more information.

Looking for Website Optimization?

If you want your website to be Easy To Find & Easy To Use then you may want to consider

  • Search engine optimization - to make your website easy to find in the regular search engine results
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (such as Google Adwords), to make your website more visible in the sponsored listings of some major search engines
  • Usability evaluations - to improve the conversion from visitor to customer
  • Website Analytics - if you measure your website visitor's behavior, you can improve your website!

Fergus Website Development & Optimization firm U-C WEBS may be able to help you out! Visit the About U-C WEBS section of FergusPages.com for more information, or visit U-C WEBS at www.u-cwebs.com (or www.ucwebs.com)[link opens in a new window].


All prices mentioned on this site are in Canadian Dollars. GST will be added for Canadian clients.


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